During the 4 week long intense construction process of the 2019 Tiny House this past August, MAEB students were pleased to welcome many volunteers to Valldaura Labs to assist with various aspects of construction. Equally significant to technical direction from experts and equipment from sponsors, assistance with repetitive and time-consuming tasks by volunteers was an invaluable factor in realizing the construction of the prototype house. 

Volunteers with different backgrounds and levels of experience, both professionals and students, friends and acquaintances from the broader professional network all joined at various points in the construction process.

Depending on their skill level, volunteers contributed through sanding and applying protective layers to processed wood, installation of insulations and substructure, installation of the envelope shingles, plumbing and electrical wiring and much more.
The Tiny House could not have been completed without the help and support of these volunteers: Chelsea Sherman, Seçil Afşar, Pan Youjian, Tristan Copley, Banjaman Scatt, Rutvij Patha, Alejandro Caballero, Demi Pradolin, Judy Mahfouz, Alec Nicholson and many more!
Thank you for your continuous support and assistance in the realization of this project.