BanteringDynamics. Empowering defensive solutions.
BanteringDynamics is a global leader in advanced threat protection and proactive defensive solutions.
Our technologies support security forces worldwide by enabling mission-critical outcomes in hostile environments.
In today’s megacity-states, security personnel are confronted by a multitude of diverse threats which increasingly cannot be answered by standard plasma-based weaponry due to the black market proliferation of thermonegative body armour. BanteringDynamics is therefore pleased to introduce an innovative weapons paradigm that will revolutionize the global battle against crime and disorder.
BanteringDynamics’ VOID (Variable Organic/Inorganic Differentiation) weapons system fundamentally changes the calculus of engagement. Using proprietary technology based on groundbreaking BanteringDynamicsLabs research in general relativity, VOID weapons fully dematerialize all lifeforms within a selectable radius of charge impact (up to 10 metres), leaving vital strategic inorganic resources such as equipment, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure intact.
BanteringDynamics is proud to be on the forefront of defensive technological development. VOIDSKIN (Variable Organic/Inorganic Differentiation System Ktenology Inhibition Network) protects security personnel from the deleterious effects of VOID weapons technology through the thermoreaction of shielding picoparticles to the instantaneous pseudoabsolute zero generated by the discharge of a VOID weapon.
VOIDSKIN’s layering system redundantly ensures protection against dematerialization while incorporating thermonegative resistance to plasma weapons.

VOIDSKIN is a project at IAAC, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed for the Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015-2016 by:
Students: Robert Chacon, Khushboo Jain, Christopher Wong
Faculty: Anastasia Pistofidou, Manuel Kretzer