Project Brief : 

As students, there are many times that we spend days indoors without really knowing what the current atmospheric conditions are.  This project aims to visualize external atmospheric data and establish a connection between the outside environment and the atrium space found in the new IaaC building, Pujades 59.

External conditions such as the humidity level, current temperature, and wind speed are collected by using multiple sensors which is then read by an Arduino board.  The data is then transferred in real time to display on a series of skeletal like wind chime that have LEDs embedded in them.

Wind is displayed through the swaying of the tubes that make up the wind chime; the faster the tubes move, the windier it is outside.  

Humidity and temperature are represented through the flickering and light color of the LEDs.  Fast flickering means that the humidity percentage in the air is high while slower flickering means that humidity levels are low.  When the LEDs are red, they indicate that the weather outside is warm, and they shine green when the weather becomes cooler.

The site of the installation is also very important as it connects both the 1st and 2nd floor of the IaaC building.  Students can experience the project from either floor, sharing a space that had no significant relationship prior to the installation.


Seminar : Physical Computing

Tutor : Cristian Rizzuti

Students : Rasheed Jalloul, Johana Monroy, Catalina Puello, Ami Nigam