Coworking spaces  in Barcelona

Nowadays we live in the digital age changing our behaviour, we can notice that though the new kinds of working spaces.
It reveal how people work cooperatively in different fields, and people can be self employed who can produce the individual

Unemployment Data
The data mapping show the comparison of people who are not employee between each


Co-working Spaces Data
There are many co-working spaces in Barcelona covering all main districts .


The Network
This diagram show the non-linear connection that can be shared the knowledge to develop something new for society.


The Benefit for Unemployment
The co-working spaces network can provide the jobs for the people and educate them to promote their creativity that impact economy, technology and society.   Assignment2_Inthat_Ueasak-aree_G2-06

Visualizing Data : Data Structures is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2015/2016 by:
MAA Computational Design 2016 : Assignment 2
Student: Inthat Ueasak-aree
Faculty: Luis E. Fraguada
Assistant: Rodrigo Aguirre