85% of prefabricated reinforced concrete buildings were built before 2001 and just passed half of their life span. However, these housing units are now technically and morally outdated and cannot meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles. Most countries are now looking for appropriate methods to renovate and renew these buildings and their communities, but this process often ignores the wishes of the residents. Therefore, THE VIRTUAL CITY attempts to study how gamification allows collective users (residents) to participate in design in a bottom-up way. This research transforms design strategy and architecture rules into a game platform, combining the free choice of participants, real-time data and physical space to re-imagine, re-use and re-configure materials, spaces and architectural forms and even urban planning, and finally generate dynamic aggregated urbanscape that organically evolves.

Business innovation – Virtual City Game  is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2021/22 by:

Student: Nan Yin

Faculty: Davide Rovera