After the series of lectures and Workshop 1 it has been decided to build a structure – space frame formed by modular system of triangles.

The aim of the Workshop 2 was to discover different ways of putting together modules and to work on the assembly of the structure. Two different models in the scale 1:10 were fabricated and studied. The recent workshop resulted in the following vision for the model which will be built in scale 1:1.

First iteration model:

Final model:

Vertical Vineyard // Workshop 2 // Model 1:10
is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed in collaboration with AA – Architectural Association

Masters in Advanced Architecture in 2018/19

Faculty: Edouard Cabay, Carles Sala, Relja Ferusic

Students: Olivia Camille Alvarez Littler, Sophia Molnar Di Biase, Kristine Kuprijanova