Valldaura Labs values how, when and where materials and products used on the campus are sourced. The campus is not only active in the generation of energy, food and materials used for consumption, but in understanding how the processes for production and harvesting can be optimized and refined. As a result, Valldaura Labs actively traces the complete cycles of agriculture, forestry, food and energy.

Recently, we have produced pine and oak wood following the principles of complete traceability from the Sustainable Forest Management Plan. The literal origin of the wood as well as the ecological footprint can be certified through this unique production system.

In order to trace the use of each wood piece to its origin, an intricate marking system was used with patterns and colors along the cross section of each timber piece. This ensures that the particular markings and mapping strategy will remain intact even after the wood is cut into boards and distributed later for various uses.

The cut boards are 3 and 5 cm thick, with beams of up to 600x30x40 cm. For the purposes of forest management, trees have been selected to reduce density and foster growth during the months of February and March. These trees have been photographed, geo-located, cut and transported to the Green Fabrication Laboratory in Valldaura Labs.Subsequently, a mobile sawmill has followed with the production of boards and beams that will be used to build structures, building components and furniture for future projects.

Earlier this year, the Bio-Mass Plan was launched at Valldaura Labs, shifting energy consumption on the campus to a more ecologically conscious system. With the recent production of wood, which supports a wide range of uses including wood chips to fuel the Bio-Mass Plan, Valldaura Labs has moved one step closer to closing the circular bio-economy cycle, and demonstrate inspiring strategies in self-sufficient living.