Temporary Activities Street – KHI/DHK/BGM

The seminar elective Urbanization.Org dealt with how our streets will look in the future. For which we had to first analyze three important streets in our own towns or cities. After analyzing, we had to choose one street for our design intervention.

Similar streets where categorized into different types of streets. Here, we see three types of temporary activities streets, whose character kept changing depending upon different factors.

Shankhari Bazaar in Dhaka, Bangladesh; Murad Khan RD in Karachi, Pakistan and Raviwar Peth in Belagavi, India where the three streets that were chosen in temporary activities streets.

First, we wanted to compare all the three cities with respect to Barcelona. To understand different size and contexts.

Then, we compared our three streets to find out what is common and different in them.

The activities in a street which kept changing depending on a particular time interval and which lasted only for that specific time period is how we defined Temporary Activities Street. The time may vary from a couple of hours, days, weeks and in some cases during festivals and market activities.

Since the streets were similar in their character we deduced some design intentions, which we could incorporate into our individual design.

Shankhari Bazaar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Murad Khan Rd, Karachi, Pakistan

Raviwar Peth, Belagavi, India

The proposal here is to have an underground transport system for goods which will remove the heavy vehicle traffic from the streets and the streets can be used for public activities. The underground system is not only limited to goods, it can also be used to transfer water, waste etc.,

Thinking further in the future, when probably drones will be used to transport the goods. The underground system can be changed into a public transport system like a hyperloop. Freeing more space for streets to grow into urban farms.

As a conclusion, this is how we see our streets in the future. Streets which are given back to the people by taking out car traffic, streets which generate its own energy through solar and the pedestrian movement and streets where new systems of delivering goods are explored.

Temporary Activities Street – KHI/DHK/BGM  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA 01 in 2017 – 2018 of the Seminar Elective SE.3 Urbanization.org by :

Students: Hira Zuberi, Nusrat Tabassum and Kedar Undale

Faculty: Vicente Guallart, Honorata Grzesikowska and Marta Mila