Tutor: Andre Resende

It is estimated that in the last 2 years we have generated more data than in the rest of the history of mankind and that approximately 70% of all this data is generated by individuals, thanks to the extensive use of electronic devices especially smartphones and tablets.
All this wealth of information today influences how we consume, enjoy ourselves, relate and exercise our citizenship, and its use in the way we understand and change our cities still walks slowly.
The Urban Apps course then proposes that students develop their own applications for mobile devices in order to obtain, understand and visualize data specific to the other projects that each student is developing. Through data categorization strategies, database creation, real-time streaming, students will be encouraged to delegate the type of data gathering necessary to enrich and enhance their projects and develop their own applications so that such data can be properly collected and stored.
For this activity, the course will use the open source platform developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT App Inventor where through a graphical interface and coding concepts students will design, build and share their applications for Android platform.