From 1856-1859, the first plan for the extension of Barcelona came from a Catalan civil engineer, Illdefons Cerdà. Cerdà’s plan was revolutionary for its time and had a deep impact on Barcelona. Before his plan, Cerda did a lot of research in many different layers.

The aim of this research is to collect,analysis and visualize the data from Cerda’s research under the theme of urban renovations. According to an analysis of which city renovations were developed during the period between 1750 and now, to show the relationship between industrialization and urbanization. Finally by comparing with Barcelona and Chicago as some similarities and differences in between in the same period, this research demonstrate that the main strategy of urban renovation is: redevelopment / rehabilitation / conservation.

“Urban Renovations”
is a project of IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) developed at Master in City and Technology (2016/17) by:

Faculty: Vicente Guallart
Tutors: Marta Milà and Andre Resende
Student: Peng Wang