All the projects developed during this course can be viewed Here

The project was an attempt to create a web interface which generates an urban green block. This block can be designed on the browser, with number of units, trees altered. There is another added option to introduce a courtyard and increase the size of it.

This is achieved by using the rhino compute app server connections to host the detentions online and is published using heroku app.

The definition for the design is based on the cellular automata algorithm. The final model after interaction can be downloaded directly as 3dm file and be used.


Reducing Habitable Units

The growth of the massing and its relationship with the vegetation density can be observed directly 

The project explores the possibility of envisioning interactive and participatory design possibilities in the field of computational design, with an easy to use visual interface for manipulating complex algorithms. This can be applied in different stages of a design process :

  • As a participatory tool for initial design stages
  • To quantify visual preferences
  • To have a visual representations of complex scripts
  • To document and display designs along with design stages/ process in a responsive interface
  • To publish final designs




Urban Jungle   is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Computation for Architecture & Design in 2020/21 by

Student: Krishnanunni Vijayakumar

Faculty: Luis Fraguada and Will Pearson