Urban Fabrics – CARACAS

The second term of the seminar elective Urbanization.Org dealt with urban fabrics. The agenda was to create a catalogue of different urban fabrics around the world.Today, when we search online we easily get a catalogue of different trees and animals in a city or country but we don’t know how many different urban conditions exist in that area.

The first step in this regards to this exercise was to list down different urban fabrics that we find commonly and then choose a city, in this case, Caracas and study the different Urban Fabrics in it.

After analysing, the urban fabric of Caracas we found 15 different fabrics, the most dominant being Compact, SiteSpecific, Organic and Low-Rise. This urban fabric belongs to the slums living there, which correspond to roughly 25% of the overall area in Caracas.

Urban Fabrics – Caracas  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture, MAA 01 in 2017 – 2018 of the Seminar Elective SE.3 Urbanization.org by :

Students: Rafael Mas Carvalho and Kedar Undale

Faculty: Vicente Guallart, Honorata Grzesikowska and Marta Mila