Mapping Language-friendly places in Barcelona:

Our initial experience in Barcelona was really difficult as tourists initially and later as locals. Hence we decided to map the language-friendly places in Barcelona for the tourist who come here. It was equally difficult to map them considering the fact that we had to visit all the places and check for the same. We however got different results at same locations using Twitter and Flickr which was later resolved by site-visits. This is how we cross-checked with the places and hence got results to present tot the Ajuntament of Barcelona to help the tourists who come in the future to this city. This however, was mapped using CartoDB which ultimately gave us precise results in the end.

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By mapping these places the Ajuntament will receive data which will help the tourists to find the right places.

Applied Urban Data – English friendly places in Barcelona is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master of Advanced Architecture in 2015/16 by:
Students: Dhairya Thakkar, James Nurtanio Njo
Faculty: Mar Santamaria, Pablo Martinez