This half-industrial, half-residential neighborhood once known as catalan Manchester managed to recover from the industrial crisis.
During 1970 and 1991 the population of Poblenou lost 15.000 inhabitants which refers to 25% of the whole population. It was the lowest it has ever gotten in this last quarter of the 20th century. At the same time, not less than 130 local companies also had to leave as a direct consequence of the degradation of the industry. According to Francesc Navarrez, Poblenou is the neighborhood that changed the most in Barcelona over the past 50 years. The biggest influences had the projects Villa Olimpica in 1992 and now the 22@. New industrial zones were created, around 4000 flats were built, more green areas were created and streets got remodeled. Around 130.000 jobs were created and Poblenou is covering 15% of Barcelona’s industrial activity.

Nevertheless, the industry is only focused on new technology coming in and forgetting, that there are still companies remaining which have lived through the crisis. These mostly small and medium companies are actually Poblenou’s core, it’s number one economy and give it it’s tradition. The ones remaining/resisting most not be forgotten.

In this ever changing district, in times of high fluctuation this project brings back awarness to the already established enterprises – with a strong focus on the local craftsmen.
The mentioned companies usually are either one-man businesses or three to four workers. Currently, it is the second generation working in the company, facing the challenges of the fourth industrialization and competing with bigger enterprises. Furthermore, the third generation is not always willing to enter the business; some do not even have progeny.

With this project, I want initiate a project that gives the local companies a special opportunity to apply there expertise and well-known techniques right in Poblenou but in a different context than the one they are normally familiar with. In addition to that, the local companies that have been working next door to eachother but never actually faced the challange to cooperate, are given the opportunity to exchange knowledge through this pilot-project.
The main goal is, to gather seperated/independent local industries, use the best techniques from each field to create new and “modern” technologies and apply them directly.
Through this process I am hoping to give each sector a push of energy, a shot to help them remain in Poblenou and give them an input of connecting.