Upside Down u?op ?p?sd? : Plaça de Catalunya

The main objective of the project is to solve the issues of Visibility, way finding and connectivity with respect to micro mobility and the underground system of Barcelona’s Central Plaza.

One way to get to the plaza is by the metro system. It’s a large transport hub located under the city’s central square. It is served by suburban lines and regional lines, Metro lines, and Metro del Vallès lines. The analysis also focused on bus stops and micro mobility lanes.

To find the real problem, the different modes of transportation is ranked with respect to different parameters. The analysis is streamlined into resolving the issues of accessibility and connectivity for micro mobility and the issue of wayfinding in the metro transportation hub.

Issue 1 // Visibility  (Overground)

Issue 1 // Visibility  (Underground)

Issue 2 // Wayfinding

Underground Network // Metro

Issue 3 // Spatial Connectivity

Intervention // Catalogue

Proposal // Wayfinding

Proposal // Connectivity

A Better, safer and more accessible Mobility hub for Barcelona’s Central Plaza.


‘Upside Down’  is a project of IAAC, Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City and Technology in 2021/22
Student: Gayatri Agrawal, Robert Yussef, Can Xu, Joseph Bou Saleh, Pushkar Runwal
Faculty: Francesca Arcuri & Federico Parolotto