The Unreformed is a drawing machine that proposes to iterate an inking pattern or trail that is generative in terms of consistent  flow of input but also subjects to deviation from an outside force that in this case is an inflating and deflating balloon.

The mechanism initiates a triangular disc to rotate around a central axis in a circular path and consists of a suspended arm with two black ink pens on both the ends of the arm.  The free suspended arm allows for discontinuous lines on the site (sheet of A1 paper) and the inflation of the balloon deflects the pens from their fixed paths of revolution.

isometric-drawing logic-drawingimage-2 image-3image-1

The mapping exercise at the intersection of Carrer de Sicilia and Carrer de Sant Antoni Maria Claret was focused on collecting information that quantifies the concentration of dead leaves at the intersection. The parameters that can account to the accumulation of dead leaves after their drop from the tree are many fold and to name a few; wind flow, vehicular movement, pedestrian flow and the regular or irregular cleaning of the streets are a few. Each dot on the drawing represents a dead leaf and the concentrated patches of these leaves suggest that certain regions of this intersection are not being actively used than others.