An interface between the physical and the digital realm. The flow of data amidst varied domains is always intriguing and allows one to surpass thresholds and blur boundaries.

This project with the aid of live data feed deals with the constant change of input and computes it into the digital domain. The digital domain, in turn, recomputes it back to the physical domain. Hence a loop[ed] system is created, which becomes void of human interaction.

Input – Brightness of Pixels.

Output – Rotation of servo motors > Movement of fabric.

Input Pixels

The concept is based on detecting the presence of an object and extracting data from one of its inherent properties, such as heat signatures, motions, colour, brightness, etc. In order to create a prototype which would reflect these properties as a form of responsive skin and respond proportionally.

Motor and Fabric movement

The input is obtained by dividing the whole screen into 9 pixels and extracting their brightness values while the output is generated through the rotation of the servo motors. The motion is exaggerated using arms of varying sizes in order to show varied ranges of intensity. The entire set up is constructed beneath the Fabric which creates the facade and exhibits the functioning of the system.

The camera detects any motion in front of it, receives its brightness and relays the data.

Process : 


Processing –

  • Live feed is received using the camera in processing.
  • The data is then broken down into 9 pixels in order to associate it with an individual motor.
  • Data varies in terms of brightness, from 0 to 255.


Arduino – UNO –

  • Data received from Processing is then converted into a language Arduino can read.
  • Each pixel is then assigned to an individual servo motor.
  • The data is finally relayed into servo motors which have a maximum rotation of 180 degrees.


Servo Motors –

  • The rotation of the arm of every servo motor is based on the brightness value of its assigned pixel.
  • Each arm therefore moves the fabric which is above it, creating a combined physical manifestation of the input.

Mechanism :

Video – Motor movement with varying values.




Image 1 – Output interior


Image 2 – Front view

Image 3 – Side view

Image 4






Programming and Physical Computing // Assignment 1 is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2018.

Tutors –

Angel Munoz

Christian Rizzuti


Team –

Axel van der Vegte

Aysel Abasova

Mert Gonul

Pratik Borse

Sofia Madeira