Project of Sylvain Totaro 
Iaac - MaCT 2016
 Faculty: Vicente Guallart, Marta Milà and Andre Resende

Beyond the fact that Ildefonso Cerda and Henri de Saint-Simon were two contemporary protagonists concerned by the study of the society, under a physiological, biological, political, and sociological spectrum, with a particular fascination for the labor class and the industrial fields. They both shared a significant involvement in the idea of unifying the territory with a particular worry for the preservation and the affirmation of the singularity of the constitutive units. At different scale, Cerda with the notion of «ciudad integral» for Barcelona and Saint-Simon in «De la reorganisation de la société Européenne ou de la nécessité et des moyens» for the planification of the European Union, show their interest for this topic.

The aim of this research was to reveal similarities that could exist between Ildefonso Cerda and Saint-Simon through the analysis of the two protagonists past production. This study pointed that they both shared an important concern for the questions of the territorial unity at different scales. Taking into consideration what has been written by Saint-Simon about the same topic, we were particularly attached to give an overview of the manners that Cerda dealt with the question of territorial unity, limits and frictions with the existing fabric, within his project for the expansion of Barcelona.