Material: 12 mm thick korean stone

Machining time: 1 hr 10 mins on the Shopbot MTC

Technique: Milling


The lamp is a result of four surfaces of 250mm by 80mm milled together with a blend of topography and typography. The initial test was done with a 6mm ball mill for topography and 6mm flat mill for typography.


After the test, the next idea was to generate a surface that does not distinguish typography and topography in terms of the texture and display but separates the two entities when the lamp is illuminated. To achieve this we fused the two and used the ball mill 6mm to do horizontal roughing and parallel finishing to extract the final surfaces which were attached to a flat base of the same material after milling.

22_vivasvenkataramani-vyas_concept 22_vivasvenkataramani-vyas_detail 22_vivasvenkataramani-vyas_final