The Twisted Spine project is hosted on the web and allows the user to interact with the model’s geometry through the use of sliders. The sliders control the count of the rings, the radius and the overall length. The code also allows the user to pan and rotate around the object by right clicking and holding or left clicking and holding, respectively.


The geometry was originally created using Rhino Grasshopper. It was then linked into a computer code where multiple languages were used, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. The code was modified to change the colors and behavior of the model. Rhino Compute was used to run the application.

 Click the link below to view and interact with the project.

Twisted Spine (livarch.herokuapp.com)


Twisted Spine is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, developed at the Masters in Advanced Computation for Architecture in 2020/2021 by student: Shelley Livingston and faculty: Will Pearson and Luis Fraguada.