bonitaThe concept of the tower was to experiment with the flexibility of the wood and its thresholds of bending as the main tension force. The whole structure is assembled of equal triangular bending modules. The modules are using the orientation of the wood’s fibers to enable small radii. The bending’s direction is perpendicular to the fibers’ direction, which means that we are not working against the material and the whole structure gains rigidity.  process Another manipulation that we have incorporated are the vertical holes in each module- we have experimented with their distribution and length in different stages of the project in order to control the flexibility of each piece. There is a circular hole at the end of each “crack” to prevent them from spreading and breaking the geometry. The levels are created by piling up 4 interlocked modules. The freestanding structure gained a tubal shape due to the vertical repetition. 6 45 _DSC2854