Software Seminar | MRAC 2018-2019
Guest Lecturer:  Long Nguyen
MRAC Faculty: Eugenio Bettucchi
Student: Omar Geneidy

Project Overview

Inspired by the natural phenomena of tree branches barely touching each other, seen in the image below. The goal of the project was to develop a python script that mimics this natural behavior with an architectural twist.

The inputs of the scripts are the growing points and the surface that the tree grows on. As the time goes, these points starts to grow covering the surface while preventing internal collision within tree branches, and also with other branches from other tree(s).


Pseudo Code


 Pseudo Code Breakdown

Future developments

Using the same logic, such code can be altered so that the point growth is done with respect to a color map extracted from a structural analysis software. This can be used to reinforce the structurally vulnerable parts of a given structure by another material.