Coffee table fabrication, as an adulation to the pine wood trees of Valldaura.

The intent was to show the wood in its natural state, avoiding to destroy the bark and making as minimum cuts as possible. Its irregularity in shape is beautiful and the goal was to display the natural magnificence of the wood.

Through the process of fabrication, there were some leassons to were learned for future projects.

1.The colors of the wood did not meant they were different types, it just
shows how old they are, or that they were from different trees.

2. Is hard to work with rotten wood, it kept braking and chipping.

3. It was really hard to conect the tree pieces together, the dowel system
needs to be super exact for them to match.

4. The glue should be done 24 h, before the presantation.

5. Cutting the angles and making them precise is really hard.

6. Depending on the type of wood you are using, you should use different

7. Measure! Measure! Measure! …. Then… CUT!