red mesh3_pia   Our society is going into an absurd direction. On one hand we consume and consume – and therefore we need more and more production. On the other hand there is even more produced than actually consumed. And in the end what is left is trash – tons of trash. But what happens with all that waste? Where is it going?   So far Castelli seems like a harmonic site at the edge of Rome where suburban and agricultural area merge. But there is already a mismatch. Agricultural production is there to feed the city of Rome while the trash is emerging from there, being piled up in landfills around the belt.   We tried to imagine what might happen if we keep going on like this. We created a future where the waste is not abandoned anymore but embraced. We abused a Processing script to bring the trash to life and let it grow by itself. The script generated an independent structure that would take over the site of Castelli. Everything turns sooner or later into trash, even buildings. But why not going the other way around? Can the trash have another life again? Can it create a new habitat, a new urban structure? If we cannot change our habits, can we maybe live with the results?