Translucent polypropylene   CHEMICAL COMPOSITION/FORMULA: (C3H6)n   MATERIAL DESCRIPTION: Polypropylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic. It is a linear hydrocarbon polymer, which serves both as fiber and plastic. It is used in packaging, textiles, thermal underwear, carpets, laboratory equipments, loudspeakers etc. PP has an intermediate level of crystallinity between low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene(HDPE) and has a low level of electrical conductivity. Polypropylne is close to polyethylne but has higher working temperatures and tensile strength than polyethylene. It also has a high melting point compared to other plastics. EXTRACTION PROCESS: Propylene is obtained, along with ethylene, by cracking naphtha (crude oil light distillate). It is separated by low temperature fractional distillation. After the propylene monomer is subjected to heat and pressure, PP is manufactured from propylene gas in the presence of a catalyst. Polymerisation is achieved at relatively low temperature and pressure and the product yielded is translucent, but readily coloured.   BASIC PROPERTIES: Compressive Strength (N/m2)                             40000000 Tensile Strength (N/m2)                                      950000 – 1300000 Stiffness (N/m2)                                                   1.5 – 2.0 x 109 Density (kg/m3)                                                   905 Carbon Footprint (average,KGCO2E/KG)         3,456 ( Less CO2 equivalents by weight than PET,PS and PVC.) Recyclable                                                             Yes (Polypropylene recyling rates are increasing by year.) Laser                                                                      Yes Small Laser                                                            Yes Milling 3D Printing                                                            No   ADVANTAGE IN THE CONTEXT OF DIGITAL FABRICATION: Polypropylene is a material which is shapeable. It is easy to give a form. PP is normally though and flexible. It can be used also by twisting, bending or folding. It has good resistance to fatigue. It is lightweight, and does not absorb the water. On the other hand, it is economical.   MATERIAL SUPLIERS: Complas            

Servei Estacio    

Lork Industria  


  PRICE  3.86 eu/m2 (Complas) 5.20 eu/m2 (Servei Estacio)   REFERENCES: Generative Installation, Diaphanous Mexico, 2011 diaphanus installation Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Advanced Prototypes / Department of Industrial Design By Gabriel Esquivel & David Hernandez

____________________________________________________________ Exhibition Minimal Complexity MC/2*, Complex Surfaces London,2012 MC2-Installation International Architecture & Design Showcase Office of Surface Architects By Vlad Tenu