Transformation of a Sphere

In order to transform the sphere several tools are used. As a first step the surface of the sphere is divided into points. These points are then translated into boundary surfaces and voronoi. After this step the gradient is applied, which guides the list manipulation through colour, going from red to blue.


The list manipulation is performed by a list item together with a number slider. In the middle of the sphere a Kaleidoscope is added alongside a Mesh Sphere.


To create the final image the sphere is part of a bigger – hidden – coding and parameter structure. In order to achieve this transformation the coding included a rectangular grid system consisting of circles, which where then scaled and rotated and eventually with an attractor the final image is created. In the diagram at the bottom of the page the grasshopper coding can be seen.

assignment_1_gvanlimburgstirum4 assignment_1_gvanlimburgstirum5