Project : trackColor; [red]

Class : Programming

Tutors : Angelos Chronis

Assignment 03: Emergent Morphogenetic Behaviour

Objective :

This code works with several elements to allow the user to interact with the moving particle system that is displayed through processing. Directing the particle flow is the camera which is capturing the color red, the attractor, as it moves through the lens.  The user is able to control  movement of the particle system by simply moving something red, in this case a red pen cap, and waving it across the screen.  In turn, the particles, emerging from all corners of the screen in different scales, follow the flock and leave a trace of their movement.  The user is also able to control the background color of the script as well as the speed of the new particles.  The trail of each particle is also an element that is customized by the user; the color along with the transparency can be controlled through the interface found on the top left of the script.

[image one] the particles are coming from each corner in different scales and joining the flock.

[image two] the particles leave behind a trail as they move that can be customized by the user through color and transparency.

[image three] the flock is following an attractor, in this case something red that is captured by the camera and is controlled by the user.


Johana Monroy

Master in Advanced Architecture