Track Yourself Before you Wreck Yourself is a project by IaaC Students from the MaCT program.

The task is to extract location information from a tracking application,
and write a grasshopper script to visualize that data over a map of Barcelona.
Moves, which is available on the appstore allows you to track your movements
and to download longitude and latitude coordinates of said information.
Moves also allows you to see how much time you spent at said location
Using a script passed on by Rodrigo Aguirre as our base, we had to further script
to extract and visualize it in the Rhino viewport.

The follow script is what I used to display the information, from the maps, a triangle representing a place
we’ve been to and the size indicating how long we stayed there.

Data from the whole class was used, and now you can know where we live.





Track Yourself before you Wreck Yourself  is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
developed at the Masters in City and Technology in 2017 by:
Camille Feghali
Rodrigo Aguirre