Tower of Innovation | Bamboo Highrise


Video Explains the process of the project.


Concept :

As the structure of a project takes 40% of the overall cost, therefore it needs more important than other things.

My agenda is to design a structure that weighs less and is been made up of natural materials and can be recycled.

Therefore I used Bamboo as my primary material to construct this tower of innovation.


Site :

Our site location is  –

Carrer de pere 4 , Barcelona

The site consists of 6 blocks and been used to design Campus of Education.

My structure is located at the top corner of the site so that it appears as the Tower of Education.

Functions and Section :

Project details :

Site Use – Site Area (m²): 1,848 m² – 118766 m²

Building Area (m²): 27,720 m²

Building Coverage Ratio (%): 3.5%

Building Scale: High Rise

Stories above Ground: 11

Structure: Steam Bent Bamboo Stalks held together by Steel Bracket

Maximum Height (m²): 76m

Exterior Finish: Operable Bamboo Screen

The proposal have bamboo as the dominant material with the program incorporating the following spaces clearly detailed and justified as the ratio, size and space combination within the program: ·

30% Lab / Studios ·

20% Office space ·

15% Recreational Use (Including any landscape/gardens) ·

10% Educational / Workshops Use ·

8% Circulation Management –

7% Auditorium Space –

2% Cafeteria –

3% Administration space –

3% Faculty Space/Research Lab

The distributed organization of the circulation tubes allow them to contain sustainable functions like: water filtration for grey water use, stack effect for washroom ventilation, mist sprinkler system for fire protection.


Detail drawings :

All the column details that have been used in the project.

All the joinery details that have been used in the project.


Renders :

Site view from the neighbour building.

Tower view from the plaza.

Internal bamboo joinery details.

View showing added skin on the structure.

Internal office space setup.

Internal workshop/seminar space setup.


Work done in IAAC by MAA01 Student :

Deepankar Pahuja


Faculty :

Enric Ruiz Geli

Mireia Luzarraga