TOURISM IN BARCELONA3In a context of Barcelona, tourism is an important driving force of the economy. More than 8 million people visit Barcelona each year. Tourism generates an economy around 12 billion euros each year and around 100,000 jobs in Barcelona. protestsOn the other hand, there is a growing tension between tourists and locals, which has reached to its peak in 2014. Locals of Barcelona blamed tourists for number of problems in the city, such as prices hikes, noise, rude behavior of the people and illegal flats.

In Barcelona, tourism is not something you can completely get rid of. However, it something that can be manageable through different methods.

1Tourist + is global tourism network for productive cities. It values tourists as a producer rather than consumer, encourages them to engage more with the local culture then global culture. Tourist + network works with t-points, which is a reward based point system. T-points allows tourist to exchange their productivity with a service of the city.2Tourist + network generates a map of local production chain in the city by tourist participation. 3


Tourist + is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in City & Technology in 2016 by:

Student: Caglar Gokbulut
Faculty: Tomas Diez, Mathilde Marengo