qwqwqwCONCEPT : We are  investigating the impact of tourism on the everyday life of the local people in Barcelona by comparing the areas where local people intersect with tourists.1     2     3     MAPS 1.Twitter – tourists- location of tourists11111111112.Twitter – local people- location of local people22222222222    3.Flickr –  tourists- location of tourists3333333333    4.Flickr – local people- location of local people444444444    AREAS OF INTEREST555555556666    SAGRADA FAMILIA777777 CONCLUSION : Local people don’t spend their free time around Sagrada Familia because of the big ratio in favor of tourists. The area is very noisy, crowded and dense because of the activities directed towards tourists. There is a homogenous amount of restaurants and supermarkets, which suggests that the small number of local people is not due to the lack of facilities. The area of Sagrada Familia is full of souvenir shops that doesn’t leave space for activities for local people.SITE PHOTOSpresentation1-33hjkghkhjkh9999999

TOURIST VS. LOCAL is a project of Iaac, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at Master in Advanced Architecture in 2015-2016

by :  Students: Elena Janeva, Monika Koeva

Faculty : Mar Santamaria, Pablo Martinez Diez