Aim: To move matter with wind.

This experiment started off as an attempt to move matter with wind generated by a fan, but we ended up exploring inward suction, outward push and static to impact matter. This simple experiment is setup in the backdrop of a household train set powered by a battery along a 35cm radius track with a bogey loaded with a 9volt battery to trigger a fan to move matter to create a dynamic canvas.


The train along a circular path to move the fan, is an attempt to add another dimension to control the canvas. The fan was redesigned to accommodate for the push and pull factor of wind. Initial attempts were experimented with other household commodities with common salt, colour powder and dough. In an attempt to make the system more dynamic, we decided to try Styrofoam balls to dramatize the movement. These Styrofoam balls gave us another avenue to explore; static electricity. To achieve this, we wrapped the train wheels with a thin strip of rubber lining to introduce static current to the plastic tracks; outcome although minimal in comparison to the wind, was amusing!



In an attempt to map the movement of the Styrofoam balls, we also spray painted the balls In blue yellow and green colours to understand the mixing. The black canvas is a contrast to the colour of the Styrofoam balls to understand and capture the motion best. In the midst of all this, we did not forget to have a little fun; after all, choo-choo trains do need their steam.

A humble attempt by,

Vishesh Behl and Mubashir Jabir






1.1 – Plan View

1.2 – Machine View

1.3 – Dynamic view

2.1 – Isometric Drawing

3.1 – Video