Topological Play 

Active Bending structures enforced and manipulated through custom lamination

The project focuses on a topological optimisation through a Material understanding. Setting the material as centre of the project. The research aims on the design of strips which are produced flat that can deform in a control manner onto double curvature shapes, enhancing design possibilities through veneers, the main material of interest.

During this Seminar, we developed a Cosmogramme of ideas and concepts which affects the projects trying to categorise them into sections:

Fundamental and Framework – all the physical principles affecting the active bending project to be controlled

Form-finding – the process of finding a shape using the Framework as guidance

Structural Behaviour – the topological optimisation to keep the system together

Material and Fabrication drivers – the consideration of real world consideration to make it work

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Student: Andrea Giacomo De Stasio

Faculty: Mireia Luzárraga, Mathilde Marengo