The Weave // Stereotomy


The Weave is based on cutting three-dimensional solids to derive  a particular shape (this process is called Stereotomy). The project consists of various design exploration that were made in the duration of the workshop, out of which a design was selected for further development. The Weave is a performance based façade obtained by stereotomy of EPS Blocks with the help of robotic arms. The design has a huge scope of use from small scale to large scale architecture. The façade cascades the rainwater to the given direction and acts as a Jaali for a structure.

Manual Exploration

The manual exploration began with considering natural forms and geometries. The EPS blocks were guided with hand through the hot wire.

The stereotomy designs consists of various forms including Waves, Cavity, Grid and Slit form to name few. Out of all the designs, few were selected to move further with robotic arm cut.

Robotic Fabrication

The wave and slit forms were explored more with researching different structures made by architects like Mario Botta and Santiago Calatrava. 

Basics of Robotic Fabrication

Catalogue of Explorations


For the initial surface that was selected for final fabrication, there was a problem faced while dividing the surface into different blocks for fabrication. The problem was experienced while creating ruled surface for each blocks, it was observed that the curved surface blocks did not match one another upon fabricating. In the end design parameters were set to create a different design which has minimum amount of curves and to check the inclination of hot wire.

Design Parameters

Final Catalogue

Fabrication Process

Performance Analysis

Block Iterations

Final Model



The Weave is a project of IAAC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed in the Master in Advanced Architecture 2020/21 by Students: Shubham Dahedar, Kajal Unahariya; Faculty: Alexandre Dubor, Ricardo Mayor and Student Assistants: Ilaena Mariam Napier and Madhavi Ojha.