Thesis Studio – Advanced Algorithms & Architecture 
Faculty: Alessio Erioli & Andrea Graziano

Image Credits: Bloc Party by Zackary Bryson, Bruno Ganem Coutinho, Ileana Mariam Napier, Hunter Paine.
Faculty: Alessio Erioli & Andrea Graziano

This topic of Thesis Projects focuses on developing advanced computation and algorithmic design for the creation of artificially intelligent architecture. Students work with the collection and process of vast amounts of data in order to create predictive models that could enhance architectural design, which in its turn could emerge as an organism showcasing autonomous behavior. The thesis projects developed in this topic create advanced computational processes that could be applied in both design and construction of architectural process as well as during the performance of the built space and environment. Parametric design as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning processes are explored as tools to enhance architectural behavior and performance.


Alessio Erioli Engineer and Senior Researcher/Aggregated Professor at Università di Bologna (where he also teaches Architectural Design), MArch in Biodigital Architecture, PhD in Architectural Engineering, co-founder and coder at Co-de-iT ( Advisor of 50+ Master Thesis in Engineering and Architecture; he has lectured and/or taught at (among others) IaaC (Barcelona), École des Ponts ParisTech, AA Visiting school (Paris, Dubai, Miami), ICD Stuttgart, TU Innsbruck, KTH Stockholm, Accademia Belle Arti Bologna. His interests regard the aesthetics and tectonics that emerge as a consequence of computation in architecture (and related fields), focusing on autonomy/intelligence/agency in the design process, and their materialization via programmable constructor agents. He is also skilled in computational design & 3D modelling on several platforms, with a preference for Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, C#, Java/Processing.

Andrea Graziano is an architect and computational designer, member and co-founder of Co-de-iT – Computational Design Italy, currently engaged in teaching international workshops about computational design, digital tools and robotic fabrication in architectural design, lecturing and consultancy work. Andrea is member and co-founder of STEAM+Lab (former digifabTURINg), a research cluster focused on digital fabrication, computation, robotics and material research applied in the field of architecture, design & art. Andrea acts as an active catalyst through his intense activity of social networking of the paradigm-shift in the fields of architectural research, computation and science. A ‘digital explorer’ and ‘knowmad’ aiming to research, curate and envision the rapid evolution of science, technology, art and philosophy, their possible convergence and tooling into design and architecture.