Oil is a dying resource, within the next 20 years oil reserves globally will run dry. Many offshore drilling platforms get decommissioned due to this issue. Not only does this become costly, but also releases 190 000 tonnes of Co2 into the atmosphere per removal.
Re-Rig intends to solve this removal issue bu converting oil rigs into wild fishing farms. WWF claims that the global fishing fleet is 3x larger than the oceans can sustainably support, all fish species will collapse by 2048 if no change is made.
The rig is also designed as a modern light-security prison where the inmates work to learn new skills in fishing, cleaning, electrical and mechanical jobs, which they can use in post-prison life, while simultaneously earning a salary.


Project name: Re-Rig

Academic program: IaaC Thesis Project MAA02 2014-2016

Student: Joel Kahn

Thesis Advisors: Lluis Viu Reebs & Jordi Pages