So.2 Seminar – Theory
IAAC–Advanced Knowledge and Theory Studies

Manuel Gausa, Lead Professor, TAK Area director
Maite Bravo, Professor, TAK Seminars co-director
Jordi Vivaldi, Assistant & Coordinator IAAC BITS
Mohamad Elatab, Assistant
Firas Safieddine, Assistant

Robert Gerard Pietrusko, Mass Flow, 2012; in Projective Ecologies (Actar, 2014)

The seminar will construct a critical body of knowledge that will serve as theoretical and practical instruments that could provide important concepts related to the emergent paradigm around Advanced Architecture. The contents will be presented within a contemporary theoretical framework, supported by a series of lectures, readings, guests, and further complemented with some open lectures at IaaC during the development of the course.

The series starts with a general overview of the Transversal Logics evident in architectural culture since the end of the Twentieth Century, triggered by the vast advancements in specialized knowledge, the impact of the information society, and some pressing environmental concerns, which are deeply questioning and transforming contemporary architectural practice. The Relational Logics frame is present between advanced architecture and its environment, between cities and nature. The Digital Logics frame examines solutions based on the extensive use of computational tools and information technology, incorporating innovative design methodologies that serve as an impulse for the exploration of novel materials, construction practices and fabrication protocols. Together, these three logics define, reinforce and activate the foundations of Advanced Architecture.