IAAC- Master in City & Technology 2019/20
Theory of Cities Masterclass
Curated by: Mathilde Marengo

EventResponsive Cities Symposium

The notions of materialising, managing, and constructing are changing: the Responsive Cities symposium’s objective is to investigate how innovative and advanced technologies in the field of design (i.e. biotechnology, big data analysis, predictive modelling, engineered materials, digital manufacturing, etc.) can help to enhance and strengthen the implementation of circular processes in the urban environment.

-How can circular design disrupt linear patterns of extractive consumption, towards design scenarios where the urban environment becomes productive and healing in itself?

-Which digital technologies have the power to enhance the performance of and with our urban built environment?

-How can architectural design secure circularity in cities and contribute to the UN SDG goals of sustainable consumption and production patterns?

The main focus of the Symposium is placed on key concepts such as designing for flexible uses and systems integration; performing through circular feedback systems; adapting with nature-based solutions; building for resource recovery, or learning through advancements related to technological innovation. As protagonists in the creation of urban, built and public space, we can guide decisions towards more circular choices, and build local partnerships with businesses, across disciplines, moving towards a responsive circular city.

Topic: Internet of Cities – Circular Design

The Responsive Cities Symposium_Disrupting through Circular Design is organized around the following topics:

DESIGN – multi-programming | hybrid simulations | predictive modeling | non-linear systems
BUILD – circular construction | on-site manufacturing | resource recovery
ADAPT – nature-based solutions | advanced and biomaterials | synthetic ecologies
PERFORM – self-organization | circular feedback systems | autonomous behavior
SHARE – participatory design | blockchain | sharing economies
LEARN – new educational models | applied research | making | raise awareness