IAAC – Master in City & Technology 2020/21
Theory of Cities Masterclass
Curated by: Mathilde Marengo

Speakers: Marlies VermeulenRemy Kroese

From my experience working for architectural firms, as well as various research and educational programs, I have found that not enough time is taken to truly appreciate a place, and delve into the expertise of the locals. Precisely this knowledge gained from the inhabitants of the area, offers the most innovative insights that lead to effective, local solutions. These insights add other, deeper and more anthropological knowledge to the maps and charts which are most familiar to us. I believe that this can only be achieved by applying intensive and immersive methods; only then can we highlight these insights and situations that otherwise wouldn’t have been visible.

Remy Kroese has been formally trained as an architect and describes himself as more of a researcher than a designer based on his practical knowledge and experience. Looking at things from a different perspective and interpreting these in relation to public space by putting on different glasses has long since driven him in life. First as a skateboarder, later as a bicycle messenger and even now as a researcher and writer for Dear Hunter. Collaborating with clients on maps, and helping them convert insights into actions greatly motivates him in his work. Besides his work at Dear Hunter, his role as tutor in architecture schools allows him to pass on the tools and skills that will help students draw better conclusions from their environment.