FRONT PHOTO The basic concept behind the whole design was to have dynamism in a vertical design by using one single element, and the possibility of this element to either move in the vertical axis so as to either merge the vertical rods inwards or expand them outwards or rotate the element in horizontal axis creating a spire effect in the vertical rods.   The Structure consists of two basic joints 3-D printed. One of which is a spherical egg shaped joint which is made by joining two hemispherical pieces together. The hemispherical pieces have ten holes in each piece which allow the vertical rods to go through making it possible to move this joint in the vertical axis, both the hemispherical joints get locked into each other providing the rotational flexibility in the horizontal axis. piece photo copy          top motion colour There are five more identical joints which tie two vertical rods together under the spherical joint, the main function of these joints is to make the joints rigid or flexible near the base, which can be done by moving these pieces in the vertical axis. The closer they are to the base, greater rigidity the vertical rods have in the base, as you move these pieces farther away from the base, the vertical rods become more flexible near the base. this causes the vertical robs to either concave in or convex out near the base. the spire We were able to achieve a composition which is vertical in nature, but which can be able to change its geometry ( Straight vertical members or Spiral), height and radius.