The Kerfahedron


Technical Details:

Machining time: 15 mins

Type Material: Plywood 2.5mm

Fabrication strategy: Kerfing


The lamp creation was based on the kerfing of plywood.After doing an extended research on the material behavioral limits, we experimented the capability to bend the plywood. We conclude the curvature angle depends on the material thickness, the grain direction, and the pattern density.  So, we decided to design a basic geometry inspired by tetrahedron with all the components we could imagine. Basically we used two types of kerfing, one is for folding the overall pyramid and the other one is the spring effect in the center of each side of the pyramid. We have also used the joinery to hold the triangle at the center as well as the folded surfaces of the lamp.

Students: Aishwarya Hokrani, Evelina Il’ina, Cagan Izgi