The Light Cloud


Students: Julich Valeria, Kagganti Sandesh, Kashyap Pranav
Tutors: Alexandre Dubor, Tomas Martin Agudo , Ricardo Valbuena
Fabrication Process – 3d Printing
Material Used – PLA Arctic White 2.85mm
Time Taken – 7.40 Hours Machine Time

The Light Cloud

In our first attempt of Digital Fabrication (3d Printing ) we attempt to create a lamp with a simple idea :

The concept of playing with different thicknesses of the material to get different intensities of light by doing the following:

1.Have separate surface geometry for the outer and the inner shell of the lamp
2.Varying the gap between the outer and the inner shell thereby varying its thickness


12_conceptThe outer shell is deliberately designed to look very simple, while the inner shell has varying contours, giving a variation of thicknesses. These different thicknesses should create changing intensities of light on the outer shell of the lamp.

The outer shell was kept simple and continuous to create an effect of surprise when lighting the lamp.

The Light Cloud


After multiple trials with different PLA materials and varying shell thickness we achieved the concept of the light cloud.