Introduction to Digital Fabrication; CNC Milling

We were inspired by natural landscape and were tried to adapt this idea to the lamp. We tried to use at least two different types of milling, that’s why we used FlatMill 6 and VeeMill 45. Furthermore we were interested which effect of the light diffusion we can make by different depths of the milling bits. As a result we have different depths – 2, 3, 5, and 6mm.


CNC Milling

The Landscape Lamp. CNC Milling

Diagram. CNC Milling

Diagram. CNC Milling

Details. CNC Milling

Details. CNC Milling


Tutors: Alexandre Dubor | Matteo Guarnaccia

Students: Abraham Ninan, Ami Nigam, Margarita Moshonkina

Material: Corian Stone, 12 mm

Machine: CNC

Milling time: 45 minutes

Milling Bits: FlatMill 6 | VeeMill 45