Senior Faculty: Carmelo Zappulla
Faculty Assistant: Sebastian Amorelli

Designing the house of future entails addressing some of the most dramatic environmental, social, economic issues that mankind has ever had to face within the course of its history. Among these, begin with, the house of the future, which calls to be integrated with the ecosystem more than ever before, and, moreover, will also have to provide, in a sense, solutions to tremendous issues relating to energy, food production and human waste.
In what follows, the foremost issues that the course will tackle are briefly illustrated, as well as the envisaged potential solutions to such issues arising from the use of specific architectural and design strategies.

Image Credits: MAA01 Seminar The House of The Future 2018/2019

The course’s overall goal is to address the way the house of the future will be planned, designed, and concretely built, using cutting-edge tools.
The project will envision, among others, the topic of the evolution of construction technology from traditional manufacturing to the use of intelligent robots that can efficiently respond to vertiginous rhythms of construction.
The project developed by students will also try to illustrate ways to implement fabrication which are flexible and lead to the creation of customizable spaces that constantly change and modify their configuration.
The students will actively envision and produce new digital-fabrication techniques and materials which have a positive impact on the environment, such as cradle to cradle, bio-plastics, mycelium, bio-receptive concrete.
In a word, the students will design the house of the future implementing novel technologies, materials, programmes, aesthetics, spatial organizations able to cope with and make the most of the process of globalization and of the digital revolution, and which also fully foster flexibility and adaptability to the world’s ecosystem. Thus, the students will also be able to examine more in-depth the relationship between the artificial and the natural world, housing, community and the city.

Image Credits: MAA01 Seminar The House of the Future 2018/2019