Animated System of the Hive – UK Pavilion

Artist          :  Wolfgang Buttress
Architects  :  BDP
Location    :  Milan Expo
Year            :  2015

The hive  *Courtesy of UKTI


A decode of the logic of  the pavilion, analysis and definition of the computational process behind aided by an animated visualization.

Pseudo Code


1. Creating circles as sections of a sphere        2. Moving the circles in place to form the volume


3. Offsetting each circle and dividing  for         4. Generating the voronoi pattern at each plane     the points



5. Extruding and offsetting to create                 6. Joining vertices vertical to create connections       structural plates





Final Render

Animated System of the Hive – UK Pavilion is a project of IaaC, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia developed at the Master in Advanced Architecture (2019/2020) by:

Student: Vinay Prabhakar

Faculty: Rodrigo Aguirre,  Mohammad Elatab

Assistant: Ivan Marchuk