Based on the film the Arrival by D. Villeuneve

After the arrival of the heptapods to the Earth, humans decided to comunicate with them, in order to know their intention in the planet. The assigment tries to simulate the way the heptapod communicate to humans in the film, based in a particle-spring system.

For that, a class of particles – Ink –  is fixed for a percentaje of pixels of the image we want to visualised. and another  class particles is coded ,starting from the center of the screen, following the  Ink ones.

After that, when the particle is fixed and it doesn´t move, it can connect with the other particles  – spring system- depending the distance of the slider.

This slider allow us to improve the velocity of the simulation, avoiding connections than can delay the script at the beginning of the process.


Student: Javier Lopez-Alascio Hervas

Tutor: Angelos Chronis