10402596_10152409015641306_8105903082414390394_n The Geo-Sphere is based around the concept of tension.   Whilst experimenting with the material, we tested the most efficient ways to contently keep it in tension.   By creating a strong support system, we experimented with the positioning of the supports that would continuously stretch and hold the material. The purpose of the design was to allow the participants to crawl in and out of the dome through intersecting tunnels. The external sphere also allows the dome to constantly be moved and rolled around. Not only can the structure be placed in any setting, but the perspective from the tunnels is constantly altering. In order to ensure structural stability, the rings where divided, laser cut and slotted back together. Furthermore, each ring contains three layers of wood in order to support the weight of the material. Using Kangaroo, we divided the tunnels into stripes, which we later sowed back together. The material was then attached to the rings through layers of cable ties. By choosing your preferred passageway, the Geo-Sphere provides a new way to lounge. eee 10322957_583598721753901_1791928553_nUntitled-11111 laserUntitled-22210301180_10152409015571306_5142911437770145073_n10386244_10152409014581306_1570474809169122610_n