The diffused metropolis is a scientific model for megacities like Rio de Janeiro that are projected to be the most populated cities of the worlds’s largest economies by the year 2050. The Project aims at recreating urban centripheries in order to have a more distributed economic development and sustenance in the urban fabric. The aim of the project is to create a futuristic midtown in the North Central district of Rio de Janeiro in order to normalise urban densities , strengthen the suburban economy, renaturalise the concrete megalopolis , devise hyperconnected multi transit systems and nurture cohesive societies. The Project is based on an extensive research, of the data centric future city , which translates into self defined concepts such as the WORMHOLE concept of a futuristic financial centre , the SUPERLOOPS and the HYPERPODS for transportation, the self sufficient , threat free , economically stable FAVELAS OF FORTITUDE, and the perception of DATA as the most important resource of the planet. This research is then realised into a multidimensional urban intervention which can be replicated into more such urban centripheries each with distinctive visions for the Urban fabric . The distribution of such urban centres across the peripheries in the city brings into the creation , the diffused metropolis.