Inspired by the abstract paintings of the famous artist Piet Mondrian, the lamp design developed as static pattern that recalled the geometric compositions of his masterpieces. The aim of the lamp was to manage different depths of fields to produce an interesting play of light and shadow. The selected pattern deconstructs the box shape of the lamp by subtracting overlapping squares and rectangles that mimic the early stages of the Neoplasticism movement. The machining strategy was performed in such way that allowed the material to play with different opacities while simultaneously maintaining straight corners and very light edges.

  • Material: 12mm Solid Surface (Hi-Macs)
  • Timing: 25 Minutes
  • Machine:¬†CNC Milling



  • Students:¬†Antoun Rizk, Seikh Rizvi Riaz, Fabio Rivera
  • Tutors: Alexandre Dubor, Matteo Guarnaccia


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