The concept was developed around the material property of Corian Stone and the technique of CNC milling. As an ispiration we used the raw concrete texture trying to recreate uneven surface using computational design. This brought us to develop a pattern that diffuses light based on the different depths of the milling bits. Experimenting the evolution of a material by exploring irregular textures, and considering the various strategies in which CNC can be used, we chose to develop a pattern that is created by a combination of points, milling through different depths- 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10mm. The varying depths throughout the pattern delivers diffused lighting of various intensities, from opaque to translucent.Lamp2Lamp2ProcessDetail

Tutors: Alexandre Dubor | Matteo Guarnaccia

Students: Mithun Basil | Cristina Pardo | Catalina Puello | Zrinka Radic

Material: Corian Stone, 12 mm

Machine: CNC

Milling time: 45 minutes

Milling Bits: Ball Mill 12 | 20